The Connecticut Training Center Early Childhood Education Program

Credit Recommendation

  • Child Development Associate Preparation: 3 credits, lower division level
  • Introduction to Early Childhood Education: 3 credits, lower division level

Effective Dates

May 2000 through 2007

Source of Records

Connecticut Training Center, Inc.; Early Childhood Education Program; 1137 Main Street; East Hartford, CT 06108

About the Training Sponsor

The mission of the Connecticut Training Center, Inc. (CTC) is to provide opportunity for educational and vocational training to diverse populations of the community, enabling students to achieve a level of self-sufficiency for competitive contribution to today's marketplace and to society. The CTC designs programs that connect work and training opportunities for students. It offers continuing education, job-seeking skills, training, and field-based co-operative opportunities designed to help students to become more competitive in the job market. These field-based opportunities provide an environment in which students gain a sense of job responsibility through hands-on training. This bridge between meaningful training and employment provides an opportunity for transitional counseling and support.

How to Apply for the Credit


Child Development Associate Preparation: 3 credits, lower division level

This course prepares students to assemble their Child Development Associate Professional Resource File. It aids the student in writing his/her autobiography and resume. The course also helps students to write the six competency goals and objectives, including the 13 Functional Areas. It guides them through collecting all of their resource materials and the final assembly of the entire resource file. Students complete the application for the CDA Assessment, and may complete the application for Connecticut Charts-A-Course scholarship to pay assessment fees. Instruction is given via lectures, discussions, one-on-one meetings, library trips, familiarizing students with computers, specifically word processing and Internet.

Introduction to Early Childhood Education: 3 credits, lower division level

This course provides an examination and evaluation of early childhood programs and curriculum models. The course explores the history and philosophy of early childhood programs, and provides guidelines for establishing safe environments, including selecting equipment, room arrangement, accident prevention procedures, and sanitation guide-lines. The course provides objectives for developing health policies, controlling disease, establishing proper nutrition, and responding to children's special health concerns. Emphasis is placed on writing behavioral objectives, activity goals, program goals, lesson plans, evaluation of the curriculum, creating thematic ideas, and methods of parent involvement. Instruction is given via assigned reading with coordinated activities, lecture, videos, classroom discussions, tests and projects to demonstrate comprehension.