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Connecticut Technical High School System - Health Careers Course

Charter Oak State College building

Credits Available

  • Connecticut Career Choices: Investigation in Health Careers: 3 credits, lower division level

Dates Valid

June 2008 through June 2014

Source of Records

Registrar or record office of the student's Technical High School

About the Training Sponsor

The mission of the Connecticut's Regional Vocational Technical School Systems is to provide a rigorous educational program meeting the needs of Connecticut's citizens and employers through academic instruction, intensive occupation-specific training, and apprenticeship credit.

Applying for the Credit

Have your training sponsor submit your transcript or record to the Registrar to apply for the credit.

Course Descriptions

Connecticut Career Choices: Investigation in Health Careers: 3 credits, lower division level
This course is offered as Foundations of Health Sciences and Technology, an introduction to healthcare careers. The course is delivered on line by CT Career Choices, and is designed as an overview of healthcare occupations and the skills required for success in the health service industry. The course includes academics in healthcare, ethics, teamwork, employability skills, health maintenance and safety practices as well as information technology applications. It touches upon the impact of technology on the quality of healthcare services, and a basic overview of biology is also included. The course examines the medical needs of a culturally diverse society and the legal responsibilities of healthcare providers. Students are exposed to the many different career paths possible for those interested in healthcare. The primary focus of the course is to expose students to the many possibilities in healthcare and to inspire them to create a professional, well-developed ePortfolio. Students are also required to develop a unique presentation of their research.