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Sikorsky Helicopter Mechanic School Training Program

Charter Oak State College building

Credits Available

Helicopter Mechanics Certification Program (52 credits: 34 credits lower division level and 18 credits intermediate division level)

Dates Valid

May 1996 through July 2009

Source of Records

Sikorsky Aircraft Helicopter Mechanics School; 6900 Main Street; Stratford, CT 06497

About the Training Sponsor and Program

Sikorsky Aircraft, a United Technologies company, is a world leader in the design and manufacture of advanced helicopters for commercial, industrial, and military use. The Sikorsky Helicopter Mechanics School is a full-time, 18-month, 2,882-hour curriculum offered to qualified Sikorsky Helicopter employees. Entry into the program requires 24 months of acceptable work experience at Sikorsky in one or more areas in helicopter manufacture or repair. The curriculum, approved by the Federal Aviation Administration, provides the students the necessary requirements to take the written, oral, and practical exams for the FAA Airframe and Powerplant License. Completion of the program will enable employees to perform all production, maintenance, and flight test functions associated with manufacturing and overhaul of Sikorsky helicopters.

Applying for the Credit

Have your training sponsor submit your transcript or record to the Registrar to apply for the credit.

Course Descriptions

Helicopter Mechanics Certification Program (52 credits)
To produce skills, professional employees able to perform all production, maintenance and flight test functions associated with the manufacture and overhaul of Sikorsky helicopters. This program is 18 months in length and consists of 722 hours of theory and 2160 hours of shop rotation. The school's curriculum, approved by the Federal Aviation Administration, prepares students to take written, oral, and practical exams for the FAA Airframe and Powerplant license. The program is offered every 20 months and runs in a cohort of an average of 20 students.

Basic Level


  • Aviation Documentation and Regulations (2 credits)
  • Air Frame Systems (6 credits)
  • Helicopter Fundamentals and Flight Control (3 credits)
  • Powerplant Systems and Operations (3 credits)
  • Aircraft Technical Drawing (3 credits)
  • General Aeronautics and Application (2 credits)


  • Airframe Applications I (3 credits)
    • Structures and Welding
    • Composites and Fiberglass
    • Flight Control Systems
  • Airframe Electrical and Electronic Applications (3 credits)
    • Airframe Electrical Systems
    • Airframe Electronic Systems
    • Auxiliary Power Systems
  • Helicopter Applications I (6 credits)
    • Rotorheads
    • Overhaul and Repair Procedures
  • Powerplant Applications I (3 credits)
    • Reciprocating Engine Systems

Intermediate Level

  • Airframe Applications II (3 credits)
    • Hydraulic Systems
    • Landing Gear Systems
  • Airframe Applications III (3 credits)
    • Overhaul and Repair
    • Inspection Methods
  • Helicopter Applications II (6 credits)
    • Flight Operations
    • Helicopter Flight Controls
  • Powerplant Applications II (3 credits)
    • Turbine Engine Systems
  • Aircraft Maintenance Practicum (3 credits)