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West Haven Child Development Center Training Program

Program Reviewed

Early Childhood Online Education Program

Credits Available

  • Child Development: 3 credits, lower division level
  • Introduction to Early Childhood Education: 3 credits, lower division level

Dates Valid

February 2014 through August 2019

Source of Records

West Haven Child Development Center; 201 Noble Street; West Haven, CT 06516

About the Training Sponsor and Program

The West Haven Child Development Center (WHCDC), a private non-profit agency, believes that the family unit is the strongest influence in the life of a young child. The program is designed to support the family by providing the child with a warm, secure, and educationally stimulating environment. These needs are met by the use of qualified staff specially trained in early care and education in an accredited program.

Applying for the Credit

Have your training sponsor submit your transcript or record to the Registrar to apply for the credit.

Course Descriptions

Child Development (WHCDC 002): 3 credits, lower division level
This course provides an overview of the physical, emotional and cognitive growth and development of children from prenatal stages through age 8. It includes theories of child development and current related research. In addition to predictable stages of growth, students will look at the uniqueness of children, including special needs, temperament, learning styles, and multicultural experiences. This course requires students to do three one-hour observations of children at different stages of development.

Introduction to Early Childhood Education (WHCDC 001): 3 credits, lower division level
This course provides an overview of early childhood education - the history, trends, theories, and philosophies embedded in evidence-based practices today. It includes an examination of different program types, working with diverse families, inclusion, licensing, advocacy, and professionalism.