Certified Professional Compliance Officer Credential

Credit Recommendation

  • BIO 212 - Anatomy & Physiology, no lab: 3 credits, lower division level
  • HCA 105 - Medical Terminology: 3 credits, lower division level
  • HIM 115 - Principles of Health Information Management: 3 credits, lower division level
  • HIM 200 - Health Information Systems: 3 credits, lower division level
  • HIM 205 - Reimbursement Methodologies: 3 credits, lower division level
  • HIM 300 - Medical Vocabularies & Classification Systems: 3 credits, lower division level
  • HIM 405 - Healthcare Information Law, Privacy & Security: 3 credits, lower division level
  • Fundamentals of Medical Coding: 2 credits, lower division level

Effective Dates

April 2011 through April 2021

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Credit Recommendation Details / Competencies

BIO 212 - Anatomy & Physiology I, no lab: 3 credits, lower division level
A systematic study of human anatomy and physiology including the histology, gross anatomy and organ-level physiology of the integumentary, skeletal, muscular, and nervous systems designed to give students entering the allied health fields a strong background in human structure and function. Equivalent to BIO 212: Anatomy & Physiology.

HCA 105 - Medical Terminology: 3 credits, lower division level
An introduction to medical terms through an analysis of their construction (prefix, suffix, root, and connecting and combining forms) providing an understanding of medical meanings applicable to the structure, function, and diseases of the human body. Equivalent to HCA 105: Medical Terminology.

HIM 115 - Principles of Health Information Management, 3 credits, lower division level
An introduction to the field of health information technology. Topics covered include the healthcare delivery system, medical records format and content, various filing systems, and types of medical record personnel and credentials as well as retention policies and procedures, documentation, confidentiality issues and legal and regulatory aspects of the medical record.
Equivalent to HIM 115: Principles of Health Information Management.

HIM 200 - Health Information Systems, 3 credits, lower division level
Covers the use of electronic information systems in healthcare. Integrates medical administrative and clinical record management and computer technology for performing common medical practice functions. Covers computer hardware and software components, network and World Wide Web technologies, decision support systems, health information standards, information system acquisition or in-house development, implementation, evaluation, user training, and maintenance. Provides hands-on experience of electronic health record creation, updating, maintenance and utilization to gain proficiency in the use of Electronic Health Record (EHR). Equivalent to HIM 200: Health Information Systems.

HIM 205 - Reimbursement Methodologies, 3 credits, lower division level
Covers reimbursement methodologies used in all healthcare settings as they relate to national billing, compliance, and reporting requirements. Topics include prospective payment systems, billing process and procedures, charge master maintenance, regulatory guidelines, reimbursement monitoring, and compliance strategies and reporting. Students will be able to perform data quality reviews to validate code assignment and comply with reimbursement and reporting requirements. Equivalent to HIM 205: Reimbursement Methodologies.

HIM 300 - Medical Vocabularies & Classification Systems, 3 credits, lower division level
Covers common coding, terminologies and vocabularies used in the healthcare delivery and management, such as International Classification of Diseases (ICD) coding, Healthcare Common Procedures Coding System (HCPCS), Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) coding, National Drug Codes (NDC), Systematized Nomenclature of Medicine Clinical Terms (SNOMED), Logical Observation Identifiers Names and Codes (LOINC), Drug Terminology Systems, and Data Interchange Standards (DIS). Equivalent to HIM 300: Medical Vocabularies & Classification Systems.

HIM 405 - Healthcare Information Law, Privacy & Security, 3 credits, lower division level
Covers designing, implementing, auditing and evaluating the technical, physical and human components of information security systems that maintain not only the patient's privacy but also adheres to a healthcare organization's legal, ethical and organizational requirements. HIPAA (1996) and HITECH (2009) Acts compliance requirements discussed at length. Equivalent to HIM 405: Healthcare Information Law, Privacy & Security.

Fundamentals of Medical Coding, 2 credits, lower division level
The compliance officer must have a basic understanding of ICD-10 and CPT coding with special attention to E/M coding- evaluation and management. This information is necessary for the CPCO to evaluate codes submitted for reimbursement to a 3rd party payer to ensure that up-coding is not occurring, which will result in forfeiture of reimbursement and fines, and that down-coding is not occurring, resulting in lost revenue.