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Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator Credential

Charter Oak State College building

Credits Available

  • Information Technology/Computer Science (4 credits, upper division level)
    Includes CSS436: Systems Forensics, Investigations and Response equivalency.

Dates Valid

January 2011 through December 2020

Issuing Agency


Applying for the Credit

Submit a Credential Credit Application to apply for the credit.

  • Charter Oak students: Log into the Acorn Student Portal and look in Student Self-Service / Student Forms.
  • Non-Charter Oak students: Contact the PLA Office to request a Credential Credit Application.

Course Descriptions

The certification and examination covers 22 domains related to computer security and computer forensics. These are typically areas that would be covered in an upper division computer security or forensics course. They include: cybercrimes, computer forensic investigations, digital evidence, search and seizure of computers, data storage, windows forensics, recovering deleted files, EnCase, image files, passwords logs, networks and network traffic, wireless and web attacks, mobile forensics, email, investigative reports and expert witnesses. The content covered includes at least 80% of the content covered in CSS 436: Systems Forensics, Investigations and Response plus additional material making it equivalent to four credits of course work. Students with this credential will be awarded four upper division level credits and will also be recognized as having learning equivalent to the three-credit CSS 436 course.