Credit for Training

Charter Oak awards college credit for successful completion of certain non-collegiate training and instructional programs that have been reviewed for credit, such as some offered by business and industry, governmental and nonprofit agencies, professional organizations, and the United States Armed Forces.

Non-Collegiate Course Provider Agreements

Charter Oak State College maintains the following non-collegiate course provider agreements:

  • AP
  • CCAP (Link to CCAP Page)
  • CLEP
  • CSM Learn
  • DSST
  • StraighterLine
  • Saylor
  • Sophia

All other courses, programs or exams offered by alternative educational providers (non-regionally accredited entities) recommended for credit by NCCRS or ACE will not be accepted in transfer unless an agreement with the provider and Charter Oak exists. If a non-collegiate course provider would like to form a partnership agreement with Charter Oak, they must complete the following process:

  1. Contact the Registrar’s Office (Associate Registrar, Paul Morganti,
  2. Complete and submit the “Non-Collegiate Course Provider Agreement Review Booklet” provided by the Associate Registrar.

Once the Non-Collegiate Course Provider Agreement Review Booklet is submitted, the Registrar’s Office will review the request and contact the provider with the next steps needed to complete the agreement process.

My Training Program Has Been Reviewed for Credit

It's a pretty big deal, so chances are good that they told you and/or put it in their literature.

What Credit Was Recommended?

If we conducted the credit review, the credit recommendations are posted online.

How Do I Apply For The Credit?

If you successfully completed a reviewed program during the validity period, or effective dates, for the credit recommendation, then have the training sponsor send a transcript or official report to our Registrar to apply for the credit.

The Credit Review Was Not Conducted By Charter Oak

If someone else conducted the credit review, you may still be able to apply for the credit. Charter Oak may be able to award credit for successful completion of training that has been reviewed for credit by the:

My Training Program Has Not Been Reviewed for Credit

  • You may have gained college-level learning that you can use to apply for PLA credit.
  • Students cannot request a credit review of a training program; only training sponsors are eligible to apply for a credit review of their non-collegiate training or instructional program.