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Histology Technician Credential

Credits Available

  • Anatomy & Physiology (4 credits, upper division level)
  • Chemistry & Lab. Mathematics (1 credit, upper division level)
  • Hematopathology (1.5 credits, upper division level)
  • Histologic Techniques I (5 credits, lower division level)
  • Histologic Techniques II (1.5 credits, upper division level)
  • Independent Project (1 credit, upper division level)
  • Medical Ethics (1 credit, lower division level)
  • Medical Terminology (1 credit, lower division level)
  • Microscopy (3 credits, upper division level)
  • Routine Staining (4 credits, lower division level)
  • Special Staining (4 credits, lower division level)
  • Special Techniques (3 credits, upper division level)
  • Tissue Processing (3 credits, upper division level)

Dates Valid

January 2010 through June 2015

Issuing Agency

American Society for Clinical Pathology

Applying for the Credit

Submit a Credential Credit Application to apply for the credit.

  • Charter Oak students: Log into the ACORN Student Portal and look in Student Self-Service / Student Forms.
  • Non-Charter Oak students: Contact the PLA Office to request a Credential Credit Application.