Certified Information Systems Security Professional Credential

Credit Recommendation

  • Computer Security: 8 credits, upper division level
  • Networking and Telecommunications: 8 credits, upper division level

Effective Dates 

January 2014 through December 2019

Credit Recommendation

  • Access Control Systems & Methodology : 0.5 credit, upper division level
  • Applications & Systems Development Security: 2 credits, upper division level
  • Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery Planning: 0.5 credit, upper division level
  • Cryptography: 3 credits, upper division level
  • Law, Investigations & Ethics: 0.5 credit, upper division level
  • Operations Security: 0.5 credit, upper division level
  • Physical Security: 0.5 credit, upper division level
  • Security Architecture & Models: 2 credits, upper division level
  • Security Management Practices: 0.5 credit, upper division level
  • Telecommunications & Network Security: 6 credits, upper division level

Effective Dates

April 2009 through June 2014

Issuing Agency

International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium, Inc.

How to Apply for the Credit

Credit Recommendation Details / Competencies

Computer Security (aka Information Systems Security, Information Technology Security): 8 credits, upper division level
This course introduces students to the fundamental principles and topics of information technology security and risk management at the organizational level. Students learn critical security principles that enable them to plan, develop, and perform security tasks. The course addresses hardware, software, processes, communications, applications and policies and procedures with respect to organizational IT security and risk management.

Networking & Telecommunications (aka Networking & Data Communications, Networking & Mobile Communications, Computer Networking, Internet and Telecommunications): 8 credits, upper division level
This course covers topics related to both computer and systems architecture and communication networks, focusing on Internet-based solutions, computer and network security, business continuity and the role of infrastructure in regulatory compliance, wired and wireless data transmission and network management.