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Library Technician Credential

Charter Oak State College building

Credits Available

  • COM 101: Speech Communication (3 credits, lower division level)
  • ENG 101: English Composition 1 (3 credits, lower division level)
  • ENG 102: English Composition 2 (3 credits, lower division level)
  • PUB 101: Intro to Public Administration (3 credits, lower division level)
  • Cataloging and Classification (3 credits, lower division level)
  • Introduction to Library Public Services (3 credits, lower division level)
  • Introduction to Library Tech Services (3 credits, lower division level)
  • Technical Services (3 credits, upper division level)

Dates Valid

February 2012 through December 2021

Issuing Agency

Connecticut Department of Administrative Services

Source of Records

Verification provided online at

About the Credential

Passing the Library Technician credentialing exam is required to qualify for employment as a Library Technician in the State of Connecticut library system.  In a state agency, the Library Technician is accountable for performing the most complex supportive services in a library function.  The Library Technician is an advanced working level class and is distinguished from the Library Technical Assistant by the level of complexity involved in providing supportive library functions.  Examples of the most complex work includes those performing supportive services in cataloging or indexing beyond the routine cataloging process and requiring research and use of judgment to determine the appropriate reference, responsibility for efficient operations of specific areas of the library such as a curriculum or reserve room, archiving support services or sole responsibility of university libraries, including opening and closing of the library during weekend or night shift hours.

Applying for the Credit

Submit a Credential Credit Application to apply for the credit.

  • Charter Oak students: Log into the Acorn Student Portal and look in Student Self-Service / Student Forms.
  • Non-Charter Oak students: Contact the PLA Office to request a Credential Credit Application.