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How To Earn Graduate PLA Credit For Portfolios


  1. Discuss course challenge applicability to your degree plan with your academic advisor.
  2. Contact the PLA Office at to request the Graduate Portfolio Manual.
  3. Contact the PLA Director at with questions about the process.
  4. Submit your Graduate Portfolio Proposal via email to the PLA Office at
  5. Submit your portfolio with attachments via email to the PLA Office at
  6. Pay assessment fee.


  • Review the current information about the Portfolio Program
  • Discuss your options to earn graduate credit for what you already know with your academic advisor, paying special attention to how it may fit into your degree plan. 
  • Review current policy information in the online catalog, paying special attention to the Academic Policies and Regulations, Sources of Credit, and Portfolio Assessment sections. 
  • Log in to the Acorn student portal to access the current forms. 
  • Portfolios must be submitted electronically via email attachment to the PLA Office at and are not returned. 
  • The assessment fee is posted to your account when the portfolio is forwarded to the faculty assessor. 
  • Assessment fees must be paid for the assessment process to begin; current fee information is posted in the online catalog
  • Portfolio assessment takes 2-3 months or more, depending upon faculty assessor availability and whether more information is requested. 
  • Faculty assessors are assigned after receipt and administrative review of portfolios by the PLA Office; they are encouraged to complete their assessments within 30 days of receipt of all portfolio review materials, including any additional information if requested and received. 
  • You must respond within 30 days to any request for more information or the assessment process will end, with the final results based upon the last submission. 
  • Submit your portfolio electronically as a pdf or MS Word attachment from your Charter Oak email. Include your name and the course being challenged in the document name. If your documentary evidence must be submitted separately, name each document similarly and include a numeral at the beginning of each document name to order them appropriately.  
  • Credit will be posted to your transcript within 10-15 business days after any credit award. 
  • All communications and results will be sent to your Charter Oak email. 

Portfolio Contents

  1. Fully completed PLA Graduate Portfolio Cover Sheet (from Acorn) with course information. 
  2. Fully completed PLA Graduate Portfolio Summary Sheet (from Acorn) listing each course learning outcome with the corresponding learning experiences and documentary evidence. 
  3. Introduction describing in general how your experience has provided you with the opportunities to learn the course material.
  4. Narrative demonstrating how your knowledge is equivalent to each course topic / learning outcome and linking each piece of documentary evidence.
  5. Resume.
  6. Fully completed Graduate Documentary Evidence List form.
  7. Documentary evidence supporting your claim of having achieved the course learning outcomes.