Portfolio Program

Portfolio Program

The Portfolio Program at Charter Oak can be used to earn credit by demonstrating that your learning matches a specific course.

What's In A Portfolio?

  • Course Information - Includes the learning outcomes for the specific course you are challenging.
  • Summary Sheet - Matches each course learning outcome to your experience and supporting evidence.
  • Resume and Biographical Essay - Provides an overview of your learning experiences related to the course.
  • Narrative - Demonstrates how you have achieved each course learning outcome.
  • Documentary Evidence - Supports your claims to knowledge of the learning outcomes.

How Do I Participate In The Portfolio Program?

  1. Successfully complete the IDS 102: Prior Learning Portfolio Development course.
  2. Submit a Portfolio Course Proposal Form with the syllabus to the PLA Office.
  3. Receive approval from the PLA Office to submit your portfolio.
  4. Pay the assessment fee.
  5. Submit your portfolio via email to the PLA Office.

What Credit Can I Earn For A Portfolio?

  • Earn credit for a specific course taught at any regionally accredited college.
  • Discuss how to apply the credit to your degree plan with your Academic Counselor.
  • There are no limits to the number of credits you can earn from the Portfolio Program.

When Should I Consider The Portfolio Program?

  • Early in your educational planning to prevent taking classes on material you already know.
  • When you know the material taught in a specific course that fits into your degree plan.
  • When the training you completed does not have credit available from a credit review.
  • When you don't hold a professional credential that verifies you learned the material.
  • When you can't take an exam to earn the credit. 

Why Should I Consider The Portfolio Program?

  • Save money!
    • The portfolio assessment fee is considerably less than tuition.
    • The assessment fee for your first portfolio is waived when submitted within 30 days of completing the Portfolio Development course (IDS 102).
  • Flexibility! Work within your own schedule to prepare your portfolios.
  • Validation! Receive recognition for what you've learned through your experience.

Where Are The Forms And Resources I Need?

  • Log into the Acorn Student Portal and go to Student Self-Service / Student Forms to find:
    • Portfolio Proposal Form;
    • Portfolio Submission Instructions;
    • Portfolio Summary Sheet.
  • Guest students should contact the PLA Office for forms.
  • If it's been a while since you took the Portfolio Development course, contact the PLA Office for current resources.

How Long Does It Take?

  • The Portfolio Development course is eight weeks long.
  • Plan on 2-4 months for portfolio assessment - The length of time can vary, depending on:
    • Faculty availability.
    • Whether more information is requested.
  • Faculty assessors typically provide a response within 30 days of receiving your complete portfolio.
  • The credit is typically posted to your record within 10-15 days of finalized results.

Who Can Use The Portfolio Program?

  • Charter Oak students - Your Academic Counselor can guide you in choosing course challenges that fit into your degree plan.
  • Guest students - Work with your home school advisor and be sure that:
    • Your home school will accept the Portfolio Development in transfer.
    • Your home school will accept any credit from portfolios in transfer.
    • Any credit you earn by portfolio will fit into your degree plan.

How Do I Know If The Portfolio Program Is Right For Me?

  • Does your learning involve content normally taught in college courses?
  • Was your learning experience long enough and deep enough to provide opportunity to learn the material?
  • Does your learning contain a mix of theory and practical application?
  • Can you effectively explain both what you did and why it should (or should not) be done that way?
  • Does your learning apply to multiple contexts?
  • Can you describe and document your learning and show how it relates to the course learning outcomes?
  • Have you successfully completed Composition?
  • Are you comfortable writing research papers?
  • Do you have the time to devote to a writing intensive project?

If you answered "yes" to the above questions, consider the Portfolio Program.

Contact the PLA Office with questions.