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Program Management Professional (PgMP) Credential

Credit Recommendations

  • Advanced Program Management: 3 credits, upper division level
  • MGT 460 - Fundamentals of Project Management: 3 credits, upper division level
  • MGT 462 - Effective Project Management: 3 credits, upper division level
  • MGT 464 - Mastering Project Management: 3 credits, upper division level

Effective Dates 

January 2008 through May 2021

Issuing Agency

Project Management Institute

About the Credential

The Program Management Professional (PgMP) certificate is designed for those who manage multiple, complex projects to achieve strategic and organizational results. The PgMP certificate holder’s focus is to group multiple related projects maximizing organizational benefits that may not be realized if these projects were managed in a stand-alone fashion. The purpose of acquiring the PgMP credential is to enhance the holder’s qualification in the job market to fulfill employers demand for program managers with competencies that advance organizational strategic and business objectives.

Applying for the Credit

If your credential was issued or valid during the validity period, or effective dates, for the credit recommendation, then you're eligible to apply for the credit. 

  • Consult with your Academic Advisor regarding the applicability of the credit to your degree plan.
  • Contact the PLA Office or the Registrar to apply for the credit.