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Prior Learning Assessment Student Testimonials

The Prior Learning Scholarship is a great way to earn and pay for credits for knowledge you already have. My counselor suggested that I may be able to get credits for a certification that I had already achieved during my years of working. As we were discussing the courses required for my degree, I mentioned to her that I am a certified Project Manager and had passed the PMP exam a few years ago. She advised I should apply for the Prior Learning Assessment credits for the 3 project management courses and that there was a scholarship which could help pay for the assessment application. She provided me the information and application form and it was a short 2 page form that only took a few minutes to complete. I was informed within a couple of weeks that I had gained the scholarship and the cost of the PLA was credited to my student account. This was a great win for me and meant I was able to get three classes checked off without any expense to me. This is just another great benefit of attending Charter Oak and demonstrates how they are helping me to achieve my education goals! - Elizabeth
I was thrilled to receive credit for my years of experience. Although gathering all my information from 20+ years of experience was challenging, the end result was rewarding!! I have two more PLA I hope to complete.” - Marie
“My experience with Charter Oak State College PLA Program can only be described as phenomenal. Not only do they have a list of programs that have already been approved but they will look at any past experience as well. In my situation a program that I had taken was on the list. All I had to do was fill out the paper work with the name of the program, years attended and supporting proof that I completed the program. I had to pay no money out of pocket since it was a program that was in the list with the dates required. Convenient, simple, fast and free. Like most people attending Charter Oak we are very busy with family and work that takes up most of our time. Charter Oak has really helped me in not having to take another class.” - Anibet
The PLA is an opportunity that has helped me get closer to realizing my goal, finishing school. While I am still in the thick of the work, the PLA has already helped relieve the burden associated with schooling costs. My plan is to use the opportunity to speed up the process of getting through school and reaching my goals. With resources like the PLA I never want to forget the help I received from it, and I plan to consider how I can help upcoming students that come after me, to help them in their journey.” - Irving
“I learned of the Portfolio Program through a Prior Learning Assessment information session. When evaluating whether to take the course, I spoke with my advisor about my work experience and courses that I felt I could challenge. Together, we decided on one that met my degree requirements and I registered for the course (IDS 102) the following semester. The eight-week course provides step-by-step guidance on fulfilling each section of your portfolio and a critique of the completed portfolio prior to submission to the Prior Learning Assessment Office. By submitting my portfolio, I was able to prove that I should receive credits for the course challenged because I had already mastered the student learning objectives outlined in the course syllabus, and since I submitted it within 30 days of completing the course, the assessment fee was waived. Essentially, I was able to receive six credits for the price of three. It was very rewarding to receive my credit approval letter and realize that I was one step closer to earning my degree. I would urge all students to speak with their advisors to assess this very valuable option. - Carease
The PLA scholarship was a great asset to my educational journey here at Charter Oak. I was very surprised to see how my career and life experiences could play a vital role in my academics. The process was easy with the help of the PLA Staff and once you are granted the credits it makes your academic load much lighter and more attainable” - Chyree
“Two years ago I found myself at age fifty with two children in college and my role as a stay-at-home father complete. Ready to set out and establish a career teaching photography, my profession and passion, I was soon to learn that only those with a college degree would be considered in today’s educational system. Like many artists, for better or for worse, I had foreshortened my college experience in order to practice my art in exclusivity. Over the years, I had accumulated a wealth of experience as a fine art photographer and a vast portfolio to show for it, but this was irrelevant without a college degree. Even applying to graduate school for an MFA, the necessity of an undergraduate degree took precedent over the quality of a portfolio. I was stuck without one.
Charter Oak’s Prior Learning Assessment Program offers the ideal solution to my dilemma. With the help of my advisor, I have been able to pull together credits from my first college foray and fulfill the remaining liberal arts credits needed by taking online classes offered at Charter Oak. Most importantly, I have been turning specific photography projects and experiences into credits though the PLA’s portfolio assessment program. The process has been remarkably straightforward. I find an appropriate class at any college or university and package an existing project in such a way as to demonstrate how I have fulfilled the requirements of that course. I can go about doing this as quickly as I choose and from the convenience of my home office. Work I have put a great deal of time and effort into and then set aside is now being turned into college credits at a fraction of the cost of enrolling in a traditional institution and starting from scratch. As an added bonus, I am rediscovering the pleasures of writing and thinking afforded to the college student and I may even graduate, BA at last in hand, at the same time as my children. I could not be happier with my experience at Charter Oak and its PLA program. It has proven to be a life changing experience. - Andrew