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NCPDLP Student Services

Charter Oak State College building As a Charter Oak State College student, you have access to the following student services:

Student Association

All enrolled Charter Oak students are considered members of our Student Association.

Disability Services

Charter Oak State College is committed to the goal of achieving equal educational opportunities and full participation in Connecticut higher education for persons with disabilities who qualify for admission to the College. All Charter Oak advisement and testing facilities are accessible and special accommodations may be made in modes of answering and time allotted for testing. Please contact Wanda F. Warshauer, Director of Academic Services, at (860) 515-3841 to make arrangements for accommodations.

Alumni Association

Alumni Association Membership is open to all individuals who have received a degree from the College. The Alumni Association's mission is to provide professional and social opportunities for members; support graduates in furthering their education and in their careers; advance the reputation of the College; and support Charter Oak's educational services and goals.

Tutoring Services

We are pleased to provide our students with free online tutoring. Charter Oak State College, in collaboration with the Connecticut Distance Learning Consortium, offers online tutoring in several subject areas for its students. These areas include Accounting, Anatomy & Physiology, Biology, Chemistry, Information Literacy/Research Methods, Mathematics, Radiologic Technology, Respiratory Therapy, Statistics and Writing in all areas.

Writing Resources

Strong writing skills are vital to a successful college experience. If you have not already done so, you should complete the English composition requirement as soon as possible. If English composition is not a strong subject for you, or if you haven't done any academic writing recently, you should consider taking another composition course to strengthen your writing and critical thinking skills.

Library Services

Charter Oak State College provides access to two online library resources to assist you with your studies.