The study of history incorporates the essential elements of liberal learning, namely, acquisition of knowledge and understanding, cultivation of perspective, and development of communication and critical-thinking skills.

  • United States History e.g., HIS 101: U.S. History 1: New World-Reconstruction, HIS 102: U.S. History 2: 1877-Present

    6 credits
  • Western History e.g., HIS 121: Western Civilization 1, HIS 122: Western Civilization 2

    6 credits
  • Non-Western History

    6 credits
  • History electives

    15 credits
  • HIS 499: Capstone

    3 credits
  • Total

    36 credits

Outcomes & Pathways

Students who graduate with a concentration in History will be able to:

  1. analyze, synthesize, and evaluate historical information from multiple sources;
  2. distinguish historical fact from fabrication, and demonstrate an understanding that historical interpretations change over time;
  3. produce accurately researched written historical work, utilizing primary and secondary sources, whether in print, manuscript, digital, oral, or artistic format;
  4. interpret primary and secondary historical documents in an analytical and critical manner;
  5. demonstrate mastery of content in at least two historical cultures, by explaining the primary characteristics of those cultures, the main events in their histories, and their historical significance; and
  6. articulate the dynamic nature of historical change over time, and the significant currents and forces that have shaped world history.

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