LPN to RN Articulation/Bridge Process

The Connecticut (CT) Articulation Model for Nurse Educational Mobility affords the opportunity for LPNs to enter the third semester of an Associate Degree (AD) Registered Nurse (RN) program. LPNs licensed in Connecticut who wish to advance to the AD RN must first be admitted to a CT AD RN program. 

Connecticut Colleges & Universities that have participating AD nursing programs are:

Following admission to a CT AD RN program and consent of the director of that program, LPNs begin the Articulation/Bridge process to the AD RN at Charter Oak State College. The Articulation/Bridge process includes NUR 190 a three credit, online course completed at Charter Oak State College and a one-two credit practicum course completed at the student's home school.

LPNs enroll in the online three credit NUR 190 - LPN to RN Articulation Bridge course. For additional information about NUR 190 see the course syllabus at NUR 190 Syllabus | Charter Oak State College

Under the direction of their AD program and following successful completion of NUR 190 at Charter Oak State College, LPNs enroll in a 1-2 credit course provided by their respective AD program.

Upon successful completion of both courses, students enter the third semester of the AD program. 

In summary, to be eligible to begin the LPN to RN Articulation/Bridge Process, LPNs/students must:

  1. Be licensed as an LPN in Connecticut
  2. Be admitted to an AD nursing program in Connecticut. LPNs/Students outside of Connecticut are not eligible.
  3. Have the consent of the Director of their Connecticut AD nursing program (listed above).
  4. Have completed the course requirements for the second year of their AD nursing program

Charter Oak NUR 190 Course Registration Process:

If you are eligible, you may register for NUR 190 by taking the following steps:

1. Complete the Registration Request for Visiting Form for Non-Charter Oak Students.

  • Note: Students do not need to apply to Charter Oak State College or go through the college Admissions process.

2. Within one business day (24 hours) after completing the Registration Request for Visiting Form, students receive an email confirming their account creation. At this point students may register for NUR 190 as a visiting student.

  • Note: Students must adhere to registration deadlines for NUR 190 as below:
    • December 1st for Spring Term 1/January start
    • April 1st for Summer Term 1/May-June start

NUR 190 is offered as a five week course. Regular tuition rates apply and do not include the cost of textbooks/learning resources.

Following successful completion of NUR 190, students enroll in the 1-2 credit course provided by their respective AD nursing program.