NUR 190: LPN to RN Bridge Course

The Connecticut Articulation Plan requires LPNs articulating to an RN program to take a 4-credit Bridge Course. The Bridge Course includes a three credit, eight week online course (NUR 190) completed at Charter Oak and a one credit practicum completed at the student's home school.

To be eligible to take NUR 190, students must first:

  1. Be enrolled in an Associate degree or diploma nursing program in Connecticut. Students outside of Connecticut are not eligible.

    Schools that have participating nursing programs include:

    • Bridgeport Hospital School of Nursing (Diploma Program)
    • Capital Community College (Associate Degree Program)
    • Gateway Community College (Associate Degree Program)
    • Goodwin College (Private Program)
    • Naugatuck Valley Community College (Associate Degree Program)
    • Northwest Community College (Associate Degree Program)
    • Norwalk Community College (Associate Degree Program)
    • St. Vincent's College (Private Program)
    • Three Rivers Community College (Associate Degree Program)
  2. Be recommended by their participating nursing school (listed above).
  3. Have completed the prerequisites of the first year of the program.

Course Registration

If you are eligible, you may register for NUR 190 by going to the college portal, MyCharterOak. Students need to complete the Registration Request form for Non-Charter Oak Students on MyCharterOak. Participants do not need to apply to Charter Oak State College or go through the Admissions process.

The course will be offered as an eight week course. Regular tuition rates apply and does not include the cost of textbooks.

Upon completion of the 3-credit online Bridge Course, the 1-credit school-based course is taken at your community college or nursing program. NUR 190 is being offered in conjunction with Charter Oak State College and the Connecticut League for Nursing.