EIT Goals

Charter Oak State College is currently working on the following EIT Accessibility Policy Goals:

  1. Website Accessibility
    • Charter Oak State College will comply with web accessibility standards as defined by the Technical Standards in the CSCU EIT Accessibility Policy when creating web content, sites, and programs.
    • Undertake a 3rd party audit of the Charter Oak State College website and remediate found accessibility issues
    • Certify our web master with the IAAP Web Accessibility Specialist certification as our inhouse web accessibility SME.
    • Add Accessibility Link on Charter Oak State College website footer and create Accessibility Concerns Report form. Gather data on reported accessibility concerns and address.
    • Develop and run bi-monthly website accessibility audits
  2. Social Media
    • Produce all digital communications including emails, newsletters, social media posts, and website announces which are accessible, along with promotional materials.
    • Develop and implement bi-monthly accessibility review of social media content
  3. IT Procurement
    • Develop processes and guidelines around procuring accessible EIT
    • Train staff on IT Procurement processes as requesters, including OER and low cost EIT
    • Create an IT Procurement Accessibility Team to review Voluntary Product Accessibility Templates (VPATs) and Accessibility Conformance Reports (ACRs).
  4. Course Content
    • Develop auditing processes for course content for accessibility compliance, along with regular auditing checkpoints.
    • Procure accessible course content and develop remediation procedures for any existing course content not in conformance with accessibility standards. These procedures apply to digital instructional materials (including but not limited to websites, documents, media, syllabi, textbooks, presentations, and handouts).  This includes digital instructional materials delivered within the institution’s learning management system.
  5. Training
    • Implement training program for full time staff/faculty on Accessibility topics. Coordinate with System Office training efforts and opportunities
    • Tracked training for Policy compliance.
    • Develop Awareness Campaigns and informational sessions to increase knowledge and awareness of available EIT support.
    • Look into funding opportunities for UDL training for faculty and the ID Team