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The Gift of Education Lasts a Lifetime.

Your gift will be used to help students achieve their dream of earning a college degree, improving their career options, and changing the financial outlook for the lives of themselves, their families, and even generations to come.

Charter Oak State College Foundation allows you the opportunity to make a meaningful philanthropic gift while receiving tax benefits. Contributions to the Charter Oak State College Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization, are tax-deductible to the full-extent allowed by law. 

2020 Tax Relief for Charitable Contributions

Temporary Suspension of Limits on Charitable Contributions

... Individuals may deduct qualified contributions of up to 100 percent of their adjusted gross income. A corporation may deduct qualified contributions of up to 25 percent of its taxable income. To qualify, the contribution must be: a cash contribution; made to a qualifying organization; made during the calendar year 2020. Details can be found at the Coronavirus Tax Relief and Economic Impact Payments page.

Our Annual Appeal

The Annual Fund / Unrestricted gift is used where needed most; ensuring financial funding of scholarships, grants, and even Foundation expenses. 2020-2021 Annual AppealOr, print & return the Annual Appeal Donation Form with payment.


As we work to build on our past success in serving our students and the community,
we welcome operating and/or endowment gifts. We are happy to receive monetary donations, as well as gifts of securities.

Please note: When gifting shares of appreciated stock, donors may be able to eliminate the capital gains tax exposure and take a charitable deduction in the amount of the fair market value of donated shares.

Please contact: Carol Hall, or 860.515.3889 to discuss a gift that lasts a lifetime!

Senior Legacy Fund

Each graduating class has an opportunity to say “Thanks!” to Charter Oak State College and to "Pay-it-Forward" by donating to the Senior Legacy Fund [online form coming in 2021].

The contribution of $20.21 is two-fold, first in recognition of the graduate, and second as a donation to the Senior Legacy Fund. The donated funds are used to provide financial assistance to COSC students through grants and scholarships, contributing to another student’s successful degree completion!

Tributes for June Graduation [coming in 2021]

Legacy Gifts
Restricted Funds & Endowments

Giving to a Named or Endowed Fund helps to build the foundation's assets which, in turn, helps to increase the giving levels, helping meet the needs of our students in perpetuity. Leaving a lasting legacy.Give a Legacy Gift

Or, print & return the Endowed/Restricted Giving Form with payment.

Our Endowments were established with the generous support of family, friends, and fans of COSC; and create a lasting legacy, the hallmark of financial sustainability, allowing the Board to diligently preserve the Foundation while contributing to the needs of our Students.

Restricted or Endowed donations can only be used for the established purpose of the fund's restrictions.

To donate to a specified fund, please follow the link above and select the appropriate fund.  To discuss how you can make a lasting legacy, please contact Carol Hall.


Questions?  Please contact Carol Hall, Executive Director, Charter Oak State College Foundation | 860.515.3889

Helping shape our nation's workforce, one graduate, one gift at a time.