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Charter Oak State College Foundation

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1977 to 2017, 40 years

2017 marks 40 years that the COSC Foundation has been committed to improving lives by providing financial resources to adult students striving to complete their college degree.

What's Your Charter Oak Story?

COSC Foundation Annual Appeal celebrates 40 years by asking: What's Your Charter Oak Story? Share your story on social media with hashtag #myCharterOakStory or email your story to

Annual Appeal

Also, as the Foundation celebrates 40 years of Giving, and with over 15,000 graduates, this year's annual appeal is asking 400 to give $40 to the unrestricted fund. Will you be one? Read our Annual Appeal flyer (PDF) or give online.

About the Charter Oak State College Foundation

The Charter Oak State College Foundation is dedicated to supporting flexible and comprehensive degree completion opportunities for adults and technology innovations through the work of Charter Oak State College and the Connecticut Distance Learning Consortium. The Foundation is a vehicle for accepting private gifts, donations and bequests for activities that are not adequately funded by the State of Connecticut.

The Foundation Board of Trustees provides volunteer leadership for development and fundraising programs and stewardship of the Foundation's assets in order to assist deserving and under employed adult students meet college costs; award scholarships; and encourage technological initiatives that enable the College and the Consortium to be leaders in higher education.

The Foundation supports the College in its vision - A dynamic community of online learners, advancing the nation's workforce one graduate at a time.

For more information about the Foundation or our initiatives, please feel free to contact Carol Hall via email at or by calling (860) 515-3889.